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Herman Li is a Hong Kong-born British musician who is one of two lead guitarists for the power metal band DragonForce. Li has played with the band based in England since it was formed in by Li along with Sam Totman. Herman Li is a Hong Kong-born British musician who is one of two lead guitarists for the power metal band DragonForce. Li has played with the band based in.

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Herman Li. 李康敏 of Grammy nominated, RIAA Platinum metal band @dragonforcehq | I also livestream on Twitch and make YouTube videos. I live in a Guitar Shop? | Inhuman Rampage Reissue!merch.

hermann li. Known for being the lead guitarist of Grammy-winning heavy rock group DragonForce – the masterminds behind the infamous 'Through the Fire and.

Official Herman Li website Join me live on Twitch, Tuesday to Friday at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm UK time. ABOUT Herman Li. Born in Hong Kong, Herman Li is the guitarist, songwriter, and producer of the Grammy-nominated metal act DragonForce.

Herman Li | 李康敏 - DragonForce Guitarist | 龍鋒乐队主音吉他手

Dragonforce Guitarist Herman Li Is A Protoss Main

Herman Li. “When I installed my first set of DiMarzio pickups into my guitar 10 years ago, I knew straight away DiMarzios were the ones for me.hermann li Herman Li (Chinese: 李康敏, Hanyu Pinyin: Lǐ Kāng Mǐn) is the guitarist behind those over the top hyper guitar fretwork, and part of the recording. A livestream telethon-style fundraiser on Twitch: special guests will appear on Herman Li's twitch channel (tv/hermanli), to play. Herman Li: Hello. Wikimetal (Daniel Dystyler): Hello, can I speak to Mr. Herman Li, please? HL: Yes, this is Herman, how are you doing? W (DD): Hey, Herman.

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Guitarist and co-founder of the Grammy nominated, RIAA Platinum band DragonForce. Herman Li's gear and equipment including the Ibanez Egen18 and Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble. Get the gear to sound like Herman Li and get their tone.   hermann li Herman Li on Discogs. Real Name: Herman Li. Profile: British Chinese musician. He is one of two lead guitarists for the power metal band Dragonforce. Herman Li Read more about this and other GRAMMYs news at See below for a list of Herman Li's GRAMMY Awards history. rodrigo de lima Known as one of the fastest guitar players in the world, he lent his talents to Guns N' Roses between 20and recorded part of the '. Herman Li is a guitarist for DragonForce and a successful Twitch streamer. On this episode: Do endorsements even matter? Live-streaming is hard!

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Herman Li (@hermanli) on TikTok | K Likes. K Fans. Guitarist of Grammy losing metal band @DragonForce | OMG I stream on Twitch! Herman Li is an actor and director, known for DragonForce: In the Line of Fire (), Dragonforce Herman Li Interview by Neil Turbin-The Metal Voice ().  hermann li The piece featured interviews with the likes of Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, Freddy Lim of Chtonic and Dragonforce's Herman Li. Born in Hong Kong, self-taught guitarist Herman Li is behind those over the top hyper guitar fretwork, and part of the recording team and production core on.

Herman Li in Q&A Corner: Shredding and Streaming

Herman Li: the worlds only living paradox. The lead guitarist for the speed-power-metal band Dragonforce. Shreds notes that do not even exist on a guitar's. Nocturne magazine recently conducted an interview with DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li. An excerpt from the chat follows below.  hermann li Herman Li born on October 3, is best known as Grammy nominated guitarist for the metal band DragonForce. Herman was born in Hong Kong but now lives. You've been invited to join. Herman Li. 1, Online. 4, Members. Accept Invite.,.,. Reactions. 


DragonForce guitarist Herman Li suspended from Twitch One of the lead guitarists for power metal band DragonForce has been suspended from. Herman Li of Dragonforce attends the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards More information.  hermann li During a conversation with UG's Justin Beckner, DragonForce guitarist Herman Li talked about leaving Ibanez Guitars after many years of. DragonForce guitarist Herman Li says playing his band's song Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero is even harder than playing it in. how to make a ghost rider mask DragonForce guitarist Herman Li has shown off what appears to be a personal PRS custom electric, fitted with an Ibanez floating bridge.

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Born in Hong Kong, Herman Li has established himself in the last few years as one of the most recognized and influential guitarists of his generation.  Filmography

Amen… Your amazing. Never give up…. Stay strong Jason, there is so many people that are rooting for you. The world needs more people like you and your parents. Love you Jason! I hope and pray all needs are met and beyond! Thank you for inspiring and touching us all! God Bless you and your family! Best Wishes! View this post on Instagram. Subscribe to Jason and Herman to stay up to date on the upcoming shows: HermanLi. Berni on February 21, at am.

Paula Radford on April 9, at pm. Jacques Roux on February 28, at am. It's on a parallel loop so it's only in the signal chain when I'm playing it. Herman : I'm not using it on this tour because we're not playing the songs. I kinda messed up my rack because I didn't put it in. You know you should put everything you need for every single song but I didn't have time! Once we change the setlist I'll bring it back out. Okay so now for some more general, guitar-related questions.

What was your first guitar? And in terms of technique, we were talking about shredding at bpm, do you have a specific warm-up routine or exercises you do on tour?

Herman : I think that the important thing is when you're on tour, and not many people understand this, the more you play on tour the worse you get on the guitar. And people go 'oh what do you mean?

That's because incorrect techniques make it more fun, you know big strums, putting your hand in the air, smashing the guitar, all these things. So you're playing technique actually gets worse so what I do is, when I'm backstage, I sit there and play perfect techniques sitting down, to readjust and recalibrate myself back to what the technique should be as when you're on stage you're playing incorrect technique trying to animate yourself. Herman : Just pretty much scales and arpeggios, I play the solos of the songs, playing as perfect as possible.

The stamina is very important, the first few songs I'm playing much better than later you start to lose some because you're playing fast for so long. So it's important to maintain the stamina, work a lot before the tour and then try to maintain it. For younger players is there anything you'd recommend for them to help them work on their speed? Herman : Well there's actually two kinds of speed, there's thinking speed and your mechanical speed.

A lot of people concentrate on the mechanical speed so you do your click track, you practice your scales which is a very mechanical thing but that doesn't make you think. I would say you need to even out the mechanical and brain speed, so put a backing track on when you're practising those scales, mess around with it, change it because with a backing track it works your brainpower. So when you move things around you think 'oh okay this scale goes here' or 'I'm gonna move this over here' and experiment finding the notes.

You know because otherwise you just get stuck in the box, the scale box and you don't know where to move so actually finding which note goes over which chord immediately, that kind of speed is actually more important to develop than just playing scales up and down. Was there any particular album that influenced you when you were younger? You know something that made you go 'I wanna sound like this'? Herman : There was no one album for me but I would say Steve Vai's Sex and Religion when I saw that tour that was the first time I'd been to a rock show and that really kind of… I thought wow, my god that's insane.

Funnily enough, Thomas McLaughlin, who was also at the show playing with Steve Vai, is opening for us on this tour! But that really made a difference to me, seeing Steve Vai playing with Devin Townsend that definitely made we want to play more! DragonForce are currently touring Europe and you can find their new album 'Extreme Power Metal' on all major streaming services. Registered in England. Company registration number VAT no.

By using the Dawsons website you agree to our use of cookies to improve your experience and our services Close. Extreme Power Metal Herman Li is the guitarist, songwriter and producer of Grammy-nominated power metal act DragonForce and in the past 15 years has become one of the most recognisable guitarists in the world today.

Photo: hel7t9 Highway To Oblivion Hi Herman, thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with us, how are you doing? Herman : No problem, I'm doing good thanks. So what are your thoughts on the tour at the moment, how's it been going? So cool! Is the camera mounted on your shoulder or is it on the guitar? Valley of the Damned I know you play Ibanez and that you've been playing them for a long time.

So what's the modification to the rack? Fury Of The Storm In terms of the video aspect of things is this purely what appears on the screen? What about your wah pedal are you still using one on stage?

And is the Hot Hand making an appearance on this tour? Herman : It was a Squier, a red Squier. It was just a Korean Strat. Do you have any particular exercises you use? Tags: interview streaming. Related Articles. Previous Page. Next Page. All rights reserved. You must have JavaScript switched on in your Web browser to fully interact with our site and place an order.

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Herman Li, the DragonForce Guitarist [pictured left] is bringing the Guitar community together through fundraising on Twitch for Jason Becke.