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Comment has been collapsed. For Baphomet our lord and saviour. Thank goodness. I was going to lose faith in humanity again. First time I noticed that you have been promoted. View attached image. Whoa look at you rocking the support :D.

What's wrong with that fedora guy? He will kill again. This comment was deleted 9 months ago. I want to listen to this guy's blasphemy all day View attached image.

After an extremely short investigation I've concluded the following. I saw that. Unfortunately it's staged or acted out at least. Yes, both are. It's a comedian Youtuber. I skipped through it. But the end remark of "Satan's pretty cool! Pssst, he edited this himself in. Bahaha, that's what I get for going mostly by audio while I do other stuff. I wanna see him in some horror movie!

Wtf is senpai. I never google Japanese sounding words. Your senior in certain contexts; school, jobs, etc. He would have made a good actor to be honest lol. What the Hahaha XD. This dude in fedora is fucking haunted oO. This is no longer allowed inside the IDOC today. But did exist in a way that was highly demoralizing to the line and staff correctional officers who had to work in that adult correctional system during the time frame. The quality of their SD written constitution and bylaws is meager compared to that of the GD constitution.

The GD's have better writers it would appear. A lot of the "we all need to come together as one and be a big happy family" touchy feely motivational talk is found in the SD constitution, the GD constitution, and most gang constitutions: basic gibberish directed at getting illiterate members to think they are joining some fantastic new empire of gifted individuals.

Like the GD constitution, the SD constitution encourages members to get an education, to register to vote, etc. In "gang dress mode", from a distance they look remarkably similar to their number one rival gang: the Latin Kings. It is only when you closely inspect the color pattern that you see it is a Canary Yellow and black combination.

Some reports indicate the Satan's Disciples use "Grambling University" sportswear to covertly "represent" their gang identity. Their ability to spread quietly and rapidly is what is special about the Satan's Disciples gang. It will be shown that this gang, once thought limited to Chicago neighborhoods, has now spread aggressively like a mutating virus that has now contaminated almost every municipality, suburb, and county surrounding their point of origin in Chicago neighborhoods.

Interview and other data seem to indicate that a primary mechanism for the rapid dispersion of the Satan's Disciples street gang has been a combination of two factors: 1 the informal process which occurs by means of the "familial gang transplant phenomenon", and 2 the aggressive narco-violent style of establishing new chapters and factions of the gang. The informal method by which the Satan's Disciples street gang has spread far beyond Chicago neighborhoods that spawned it is little more complicated than a parent upon discovering their child is an SD member, thinking they can "move away" from the gang problem by moving out of the neighborhood, the parent moves to a suburb or new community, the child gang member moves too, and a month or so in the new location, and a new chapter or faction of the SD's is up and running.

The SD juvenile gang member may have all of their gang clothing, their gang paraphernalia, their gang "prayers", and most importantly knowledge of how to sell drugs, how to intimidate others, and the contacts back in Chicago to procure drugs to distribute in the new location. Parents do this, quite naturally, thinking they can "move away" from the gang problem. Parents rarely consider the issue of whether a new location will have any effect without a change in the value system of the youthful gang member.

Thus, this happens to all gangs everywhere and it is called the "Familial Gang Transplant Phenomenon". The parents, thus, inadvertently spread the gang problem. The aggressive narco-violent style of establishing new chapters and factions of the Satan's Disciples occurs because of the ability to use modern communications including the Internet to stay in touch with other members of the gang.

Once relocated to a new jurisdiction, a member will simply "feel out" the environment, test it, find other like-minded "alienated souls" or potential new delinquents, and then expose these new children to what the Satan's Disciples gang is all about. Violence plays a very big role in the lifestyle of a Satan's Disciple gang member. SD's are capable of anything brutally violent.

Shocking and heinous crimes of violence are common to members of the Satan's Disciples. I have read a lot of gang constitutions and bylaws over the years, but this is the only one I have seen that specifically entitles its gang members to what might be called "business rights".

Law 7 in the written constitution and bylaws of the Satan's Disciples gang uses the phrase "free enterprise" and "business" when it is talking about illegal drug distribution and sales operations. This aspect of the gang constitution gives members the "right" to engage in such "business".

The context of the discussion of "free Enterprise" and "business" is such that one can pretty well assume we are not talking about lemonade stands or Mary Kay cosmetic sales or a new fastfood restaurant.

For if we were to assume that they were talking about legitimate business, then we would have a serious restraint of trade problem with this gang and make it the first gang ever vulnerable to a new kind of federal prosecution. Here is what Law 7 in their Constitution says:.

All members are entitled free Enterprise. We shall be the only one that should have free enterprise in our communities. No one outside the Organization is allowed to start or have a business in our communities. Translation: What the gang is saying is that no rival gangs, no independents, and no neutrons will be slanging dope in their hoods. If they were only Chinese, they might be called a Benevolent Association or a Triad. To the credit of the author of the SD constitution, they do not waste any space talking about "gang" or "street gang".

They refer only to "organization" in their Membership Application Form and to "group" a couple of times. But the author made the fatal mistake of declaring the group to be a drug-distributing enterprise in one context where it prohibit the purchase of "hard drugs" out of the gang treasury, by default therefore allowing what in the minds of a gang member may be "soft drugs". SD members do sell a lot of marijuana and club drugs.

The constitution and bylaws of the Satan's Disciples Gang specifically directs that two bank accounts be established for each section or faction or chapter of the gang. There are a lot of gangs that have written constitutions and bylaws, but this is one of the few gangs that specifically directs the flow of illegal income towards the eventual penetration of legitimate business enterprises. Here is what their written constitution and bylaws says about banking:.

One dollar will stay with the section's treasury, you will receive two dollars. You will start two bank accounts, that a dollar will go into each one. So, depending on how many members are in each section, is what you should receive and leave with the section's account, for them to build an account for business ventures or emergency matters. But, before they can use any finances, they would have to report to you the Treasurer. If a section is lacking on dues, inform the Board member of that section about the situation.

It ' s his job to make sure the section ' s treasurer stands on the membership pays their dues or charges should be brought to them under law No.

No sections are allowed to use their funds on illegal weapons, or hard drugs. For the reason of members not functioning properly and disorderly, meaning lost of income and bringing trouble towards the Organization.

They may use the funds on investing in dances or something that would replace or double the funds with the approval of the Head treasury. About the two bank accounts; one of the accounts are for the Organization ' s income and business establishment, for investing only on legitimate business, which can only be approved by the Board.

The other account will be held for all members incarcerated, bail money, or to help pay for the lawyer. But, only if members are locked up for the Organization. Which can only be approved by the Board. So according to the above excepts from the constitution and bylaws of the Satans Disciples, basically the gang leaders get a real sweet deal on income from dues: 33 percent is set aside in a special bank account, where expenditures from the account can be approved only by the Board.

The "Board" here is a concept the SD's have mimicked from Larry Hoover's GD gang: it may imply some kind of collective decision-making, but it is really a dictatorship the "Chairman of the Board" is the top gang leader, and what he says is what the "law" is.

Here is a list of cities, townships, and suburbs of Chicago where the Satan's Disciples have been reported being a gang problem:. The Satan's Disciples have been reported operating, additionally, in the following Illinois cities:. This has been constantly maintained since It includes data collected by the NGCRC over the years in its numerous research projects involving: prosecutors, municipal police departments, county Sheriff's departments, juvenile and adult correctional institutions, etc.

Here are some of the "hits" for the Satan's Disciples outside of Illinois:. Alabama - Camden's correctional center. Alabama - Clayton's correctional facility. Alabama - Montgomery correctional institutions youth and adult.

Arizona - Tucson correctional facility. California - Blythe correctional institution. California - city of Riverside. California - San Luis Obispo correctional facility. Connecticut - Hartford correctional center. Delaware - Smyrna correctional facility. Florida - Big Pine Key correctional center. Florida - DeFuniak Springs correctional facility. Florida - Hillsborough County law enforcement.

Florida - Malone correctional facility. Florida - Panama City law enforcement. Georgia - Albany law enforcement. Indiana - Hammond law enforcement. Indiana - Carlisle correctional facility. Indiana - Indianapolis correctional facility.

Indiana - St. John law enforcement. Iowa - Anamosa correctional institution. Iowa - Iowa City law enforcement. Iowa - Fort Madison correctional institution. Kansas - El Dorado correctional institution. Kansas - Lansing correctional facility. Kansas - Norton correctional facility. Kansas - Topeka correctional facility. Louisiana - Angie correctional facility. Louisiana - New Orleans juvenile facility.

Michigan - Ionia correctional institution. Minnesota - Plymouth city law enforcement. Minnesota - Stillwater correctional institution. Nevada - Jean correctional institution. North Dakota - Bismarck local law enforcement. Ohio - Canton juvenile correctional facility. Ohio - Grafton correctional facility. Ohio - London correctional facility.

Ohio - Springfield correctional facility. Oklahoma - Lawton correctional facility. Oregon - McMinnville law enforcement. Tennessee - Knoxville correctional facility. Tennessee - Tiptonville correctional facility. Texas - Abiline law enforcement. Washington - Monroe correctional facility. Washington - Shelton correctional facility. Wisconsin - Caledonia law enforcement. Wisconsin - Fond Du Lac correctional facility. Wisconsin - Manitowoc law enforcement. Wisconsin - Oneida correctional facility.

Wisconsin - Oregon correctional facility. Wisconsin - Oshkosh correctional facility. Wisconsin - Prairie du Chien correctional facility. Wisconsin - Waupun correctional facility.

These cities and areas can be expected to contain activity from the Satan's Disciples gang. When a gang member is wanted and fleeing prosecution they typically go to an associate's locale.

A gang member's presence inside a correctional institution may also mean that the family or significant others move to the same area to be close for visiting. This also helps to spread the contagion of the gang's presence all over the map.

Civil lawsuits have figured prominently in the recent history of suburban factions of the Satan's Disciples street gang. Not many gangs get sued. The Satan's Disciples are one such gang that have been the focus of civil litigation strategies for gang abatement. One of the obvious effects, and benefits, of a civil litigation strategy against street gangs is that you can make it very uncomfortable for the gang members to continue to operate in a given jurisdiction.

You can turn up the heat, give them an incentive to move elsewhere. And by this means, achieve something worthwhile in problem-oriented and community-oriented policing: the displacement effect. In the displacement effect the gang problem is displaced, and some new jurisdiction gets the problem. Female members of the Satan's Disciples gang have a history of being extremely violent. Their level of violence is such that it often goes far beyond what would be necessary to achieve the desired effect.

This kind of "excessive violence" is explained by the accentuation effect. The accentuation effect occurs when female members of a male-driven criminal enterprise feel the need to "prove" their ability: they "over perform", they "accentuate" the violence they engage in. Recall this example from an area of Chicago where the Satan's Disciples lived and operated:. The female gang members had lured another female into an ambush on the corner of Racine and 31st Street.

I ended up taking the victim to the hospital, so both witnessing the event and debriefing the victim afterwards as a resident of the community, this gang experience is treated as nothing more than anyone who lives in an urban area may have also had in terms of life experience.

First this particular gang violence was exceptionally brutal. The victim was 18 years old and in a late stage of pregnancy at the time she was attacked. What I saw caused me to holler from a second floor window to down below on the street and rush to take the victim to the hospital. The female gang members felt slighted by this neutron at the high school. The victim had said something that was taken as a verbal insult to one of the female members of the Satans Disciples. No chance for an apology was to ever come.

What happened was a classic physical assault ambush. A confederate of the female gang members had lured the victim out to meet at the corner "store" a small lean-to mom-and-pop style grocery that catered mostly to kids for snacks, but also sold drug paraphernalia. Once the victim was out of her house and got to the corner where the store was located, the other female members of the Satans Disciples "swooped" from three directions, waiting in hiding nearby. There were about ten female gang members, ranging from 15 to 19 years of age, including Mexican-American and white members.

The first few punches to the face and head of the victim from the first several female gang members that ran up on the victim were sufficient to knock the victim to the ground. Subsequent kicks by the female gang members that surrounded her body, on and about the head, rendered the victim helpless as she laid on the sidewalk with the gang girls pummelling her. This all happened in a quick instant and lasted only a minute and then the female gang members had dispersed in different directions leaving behind a bloodied victim.

Actually two victims. Because the victim in this instance was in a late stage of pregnancy. The female gang members eagerly tried to get close to the victim on the ground and kick the victim in the stomach. It was obvious the victim was pregnant. But the female gang members focused their attention on kicking the fetus.

As the attack happened I hollered to the gang members to stop, and then ran from the building to the scene. Just as I got to the scene the female gang members had retreated. With a neighbor I took the victim directly to the hospital and notified the police Knox, pp.

A lot of gangs exhibit some level of synchronism: the mixing of crime and deviance with some token reference to a religious or spiritual symbol Islam, etc. They often "pick and choose" what fits their menu of hatred. The Satans Disciples gang mixes its symbols of "Satan" with an actual reference to "God" and some "Kingdom" where its gang members go to in the afterlife. There is such a high volume of cognitive dissonance represented inside the internal belief system of the Satans Disciples gang that one would almost have to be mentally ill to deal with all of the incongruities.

If this gang ever got transplanted to say a city in Sweden or Japan, then certainly whatever crimes they committed however atrocious would probably be downplayed as a mental health problem. The reason is that here is the fundamental problem: the gang has "Satan" in its name, "Satan's Disciples" implies clearly they are a "follower of Satan" it is interesting that their own GLOSSARY indicates what "disciple" means , their chosen symbols that they are ready to die for are "pictures of the Devil", the "devil with a pitchfork", the "evil devil with horns and a pitchfork", and yet there is one reference to "God" in their constitution and their nation's "Prayer" talks about the "Kingdom".

It is just a truly bizarre and convoluted set of beliefs. Here is the obscure reference to "God" that appears in the glossary of their constitution under the definition of what an "Oath" is:. So most analysts who would look at the bylaws and constitution and not know anything about the behavior or history of this gang might readily conclude: this is a "prosocial gang", they believe in God, therefore they are redeemable, perhaps a new government grant could be given to them from a Faith-Based Gang Intervention Program or something.

It would certainly allay the fears of a parent who discovered their child was in such a group: after all the child could say they just joined a group that follows God or something. What is very significant is that we are not sure what they mean by God. But it does not explain what "GOD" is. There is no reference to Jesus Christ, there is no reference to "Allah", there is no reference to any Catholic saints either. It simply remains a fundamental contradiction that these individuals who join the Satans Disciples gang have to live with: using the name and symbols of "Satan", but somehow also having to acknowledge "God" in an oath!

One could resolve this lack of logic if they assumed Satan was their "God". However, we have no evidence that this is a gang deeply involved in Satanic rituals and sacrifices that would classify it as what many believe are "Satanic Gangs". This is just a criminal gang. The SD Prayer exemplifies this odd situation, it is literally impossible to figure out WHO they are actually praying to.

Figure 1 provides this Prayer of the Satans Disciples. Figure 1: Prayer of the Satans Disciples Gang. Please watch over our Sisters and Brothers, Your children, for whom we are praying for at this special moment. In this world of hate, pain, and sorrow, we have all grown to know.

We are thankful for the happy moments you have given us to share with them. We know that they are happy and safe in the world of Love, Life, and Loyalty. They are not forgotten, nor shall they ever be, for they are deep within our hearts, minds, and souls. We know and believe that there is a reason for all of this, and we shall trust in you as long as our Nation's life and memories exist. Now as a family and a Nation, we pray that our Sisters and Brothers, your children, will live in the glory of your kingdom forever.

In memory of you, Sisters and Brothers, we miss you so. The "Prayer" of the SDs is beyond weird, it talks about a place after death for the "world of Love, Life and Loyalty".

This is a gang phrase having a dual meaning or double entendre. Do these gang members think there is a "Gang Heaven" somewhere? Do they think that their colleagues in crime and violence, having done so much for humanity and their respective communities in self-less love of their fellow man, are somehow headed for an afterlife of special recognition?

This is the kind of "Prayer" Charles Manson could write for deceased Nazis. When someone would make such a "prayer", it could mean nothing or anything, including the assumption it was a prayer to Satan or the Devil. Perhaps in the aberrant psychological state of mind someone would have to be in to make such a prayer, perhaps they think their deceased gang leader and gang founder is a "God".

It is simply a deviant and cult-like set of mumbo-jumbo words and expressions centered around their fallen comrades. Their fallen comrades who died the way they lived: being violent evil individuals intent upon disrupting their respective communities, committing and perpetuating crime and violence. Unlike their GD counterparts, the Satan's Disciples make no effort towards duplicity by trying to represent themselves as a "community organization" or a "helping hand society" or some such feeble attempt to show they are a "do gooder group".

Inside the communities where they live, they try to avoid confrontations with people that might be working in crime prevention, etc, to prevent damage to their ongoing operations. The SD operations tend to be covert. The noted exception is where they hold parties, use public places parks, etc , or try to dominate a local "territory" with their graffiti and presence.

On a scale of 0 no threat to 10 maximum threat , the Satan's Disciples rate an "8". This is primarily for their proclivity towards violence, usually in a group context. It is the group context of the violence that induces the "risky shift phenomenon" often allowing what might be an aggravated battery to escalate to a homicide. Secondly, this gang is highly organized today with 30 years of experience, and can be found in various parts of the USA and has long ago expanded beyond its birthplace inside Chicago.

Thirdly, the gang has a long history of ruthlessness in terms of its involvement in illegal drug sales and continuing criminal activity and with the advent of "club drugs" this gang profiles as one to watch out for in the future. Constitution and By-Laws of the Satan's Disciples:.

Section' s Information Form i. Have you ever belonged to another organization? How long have you been an I. Why did you decide to join the I. Do you have any family members who are oppositions? What are your plans in life for the future?

Have you ever been convicted before? Are you married? If more children, lease put on back. If so, who? What can you offer the I. Organization, that would help us to grow and become a great nation? Send a photo in for filing. Love and respect to all,. Members of this Organization, this New Concept has been structured for the benefit of the Organization ' s future, as well as for ourselves.

To have a social, economic, a political interest for our children and communities we live in. We must take the advantage of every opportunity to learn what is necessary to become a productive and disciplined group of individuals.

We can ' t expect for miracles. Now is the time! Today is the day! One or two of us can ' t do this alone, to bring our Nation ' s Organization together.

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Dead Leisure Satan Is Pretty Cool Socks - Dead Leisure - Well there you have it. Dead Leisure have called it- They reckon Satan Is Pretty Cool. Satan's pretty cool! - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Andrey Shipilov.  satans pretty cool photography illustration graphic design. 32 points • 3 comments - Satans pretty cool - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport.

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Satans Pretty Cool(). Share. I wrote and recorded drums for this track and 3 others during pre-production in on the Inept Hero EP entitled Lazarus. satan's pretty cool · Posts · Likes · Ask me anything · About me · Archive · sugoiye · pepe-leaker. When you see a good meme but you have an aesthetic blog.  satans pretty cool Satan is pretty cool. By. profanedandrew. Watch. 0 Favourites. 0 Comments. Views. Image details. Image size. xpx KB. Satan's Pretty Cool is a popular song by Cinnamon Armor | Create your own TikTok videos with the Satan's Pretty Cool song and explore 0 videos made by new. 

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Read Lyrics to Satan's Pretty Cool Download lyrics In PDF file Song by Teenage Mustache. Satan's pretty cool is a member of SGM Community (Serious GMod). Member, Male, 27, from Washington State.  satans pretty cool tittiesimeankitties, a blog on Tumblr. Never miss a post from tittiesimeankitties. Make gifs, join group chats, find your community. Only in the app. Get the. The history of Satan's influence in music can be traced from Black Sabbath to Lil Uzi Vert so we asked teens if Satan is pretty cool. indra rojas Satan is pretty cool for being satan iter. You ttn Shaula, gift that {find hm. IR! and law: MII all my heart- Satan.

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21 | Germany | he/him | Evil for the sex appeal | occasionally nsfw.  A protest I fully endorse

NEW YORK — An off-duty police officer, enraged at finding her girlfriend and another woman in bed together, shot them both Wednesday — killing the new woman in the relationship and wounding the girlfriend, police sources said. The officer, Yvonne Wu, 31, who is assigned to the 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn, opened fire on the lovers in a home at 19th Avenue near 80th Street in Bensonhurst just Jerry Jones said Tuesday that Jon Gruden's resignation as Raiders coach reminded the Cowboys owner "we are all accountable.

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Jean Bentley. December 11, , AM. Story continues. Washington Examiner. Style WWD. Style InStyle. Sports The Advocate. Celebrity SheKnows. NY Daily News. Sports HuffPost. Celebrity E! As more ancient works were translated into Latin throughout the Middle Ages, a new movement, Scholasticism, tried to reconcile the teachings of the early church with pagan writings on science, philosophy, and even necromancy, the art of conjuring spirits and demons.

Necromancers were courting damnation through exposure to demons. In Pope John XXII issued a bull, Super illius specula, which stated that anyone found guilty of engaging in necromancy could be condemned for heresy and burnt at the stake.

During the 14th century Europe faced a dark period blighted by the Black Death, famine, and war. Fear of the devil and his influence increased, as evidenced by an explosion of witch hunts.

Unlike necromancers, the church believed that the devil sought out women as partners; witches would sign pacts and engage in evil on his behalf. People were no longer seen as merely deceived by Satan, but in active collusion with him against God. By this time in European history, the devil no longer sat passively.

Taking an active role, Satan is present in the world, stealing souls and recruiting people to do his bidding. All rights reserved. History Magazine. The hellish history of the devil: Satan in the Middle Ages In the Middle Ages European artists and theologians shaped a new terrifying vision of Satan and the punishments awaiting sinners in his realm.

Seated on a fiery throne, Satan devours a damned soul in this detail from 13th-century mosaics adorning the Baptistry of Florence, Italy. Blue Devils?

Please be respectful of copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Spirit Summoning. Depiction of the magic circle in a 15th-century illuminated letter M from a manuscript by Pliny the Elder. Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice. Share Tweet Email. Should tourists be banned from endangered places?

Travel Planet Possible Should tourists be banned from endangered places? Experts weigh in on what can be done to mitigate overtourism. This is what I've learned. My 8-year journey has offered lessons in navigating a troubled world: Tread lightly upon the Earth. Share what you can. But most of all, remember. Photos reveal moments of joy during the pandemic. These photos document them. Go Further. Animals See the winning images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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THIS FISH EVEN I WANT. satan-is-a-pretty-cool-guy. THEY LAUGHED AT.