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Hey Brittany! Now I really want to! Oh my gosh you have to try it. I have been doing it since I was little! Stumbled across your blog while google searching images for….. Ooh I hope you like it! Hi Katie, I recently across your blog. I have a new blog about my running goals and will soon be adding recipes too. I have been reading through your blog more and I am loving all your healthy dessert options.

You have a gift, thank you for sharing it with all of us! All I can say is Wow and thanks! This is so very helpful for those of us who adore sweets but also want to eat healthy. Katie, I was wondering what kind of chocolate chips you use, when you call for them. Are they the regular ones like Hersheys, or something from the health food store? Many brands of chocolate chips are vegan, including: Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet the ones in the gold package , Enjoy Life, Whole Foods brand, Sunspire, some generic brands, Divvies, etc.

I brought your chocolate chip cookie dough dip to an employee potluck at the Terror Tram, an attraction in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. It was the most popular dish in the whole potluck. Everyone was talking about it. Nobody would ever have guessed they were eating hummus… basically.

I served it with apple slices and graham crackers, for people to pile it on. Another woman whose daughter has an autoimmune disease was thrilled to find a dessert her daughter could actually eat without triggering a flare of her illness.

Thanks so much for sharing them. You are making many lives better … and perhaps longer. Wow, Sue, I am SO excited that you made it for them… and even more excited that everyone liked it! I forgot to mention that my daughter Lisa Molenda actually made the cookie dough while I got ready for work.

She makes up delicious vegan desserts and meals, too, but she is in awe of yours. We were vegan for years, but now we sometimes eat infertile, organic, free range eggs. You are SO creative. Great stuff!! I first tried the diet to see if it made me feel better and it does re energy, mood etc so I decided to stick to it as a lifestyle choice not just a fad. Some of the recipes I tailor slightly to make them more paleo — essentially just subbing any grain flours for almond or coconut flour.

I am new on this blog, and I love you already! I am much better, but still health-concious. Your recipes look really fab! I have yet to try one. Question: how many calories are in a tablespoon of coconut oil?

And when you say T, is that a tablespoon or a teaspoon? Hi Katie!!! I could be wrong, though. I am in love with your blog!! I came across it just the other day and have been sharing it with anybody I can.

Besides the fact that we have the same name, lol, but that I too am a chocoholic. Thank you thank you thank you Miss Katie!! But not too many, because I am greedy and selfish when it comes to chocolate! I want to keep it all to myself ;. I tried the sugar free version of your cookie dough dip yesterday.

I have to say that I am so impressed with it! It really does taste GOOD! This is a terrible thing for someone with a huge sweet tooth.

The high protein and low sugar versions of your recipes are perfect for someone that has had weight loss surgery. Thank you! I am going to try some other ones this week! I think I need to do a sugar-free version of the brownie batter dip soon…. Keep up the great cooking! Just found your site. Thanks for doing this. I found your blog through Pinterest!

My new addiction Wanted to say that I LOve your blog. My bestest to you! I just wanted to tell you thank you SO much for the recipes!! SO thank you!!! This is just an ideal site for me! You have it put together so beautifully and it is very easy to follow. I am running out to buy the ingredients for Chocolate Bar Pie now. As I was listing the ingredients out I had a thought:. Why not create a page of all of your favorite ingredients — with brands?

I know you have suggestions within some recipes, but why not a list on a single page? Thank you for your everything you are doing. Hopefully I will get it up someday! So after finding and trying your chocolate-chip cookie dough dip and loving every last bite of it , I have a whole list of recipes from your blog to try!

Have u ever had arctic zero? I think u would be e person to help me. I have tried Xanthum gum and guar gum. I think you would LOVE it. Mint choc is the best flavor and tastes like a girl scout thin mint cookie. Plus, seasonally they have pumpkin which is also good. Im addicted! I have just become a vegan this past summer in an effort to be healthier. I have been researching JuicePlus lately, and I was wondering if this is a product you would recommend or know anything about.

Thanks so much! I truly appreciate you. I have known about your site for awhile so I knew I would be fine because I can have my cake or fudge babies…my favorite! So when some of the other ladies were stressed about giving up the good stuff in life I introduced them to your site. I know that not all your recipes are sugar free, but lots are, so now we are happy and satisfied, but still accomplishing our challenge! My question is about agave, I know that it is a sugar substitute and totally natural, which I love, but when it processes in the body how does it compare with sugars?

Thanks for making this month manageable! I do know that maple syrup and blackstrap molasses are also good alternatives to sugar because both have nutrients vitamins, iron. And I try to list stevia as an option whenever possible in the recipes. I like NuNaturals stevia packets or vanilla alcohol-free drops. Hey, Katie. Your Pumpkin bread in a bowl is awesome!

I have used several different cereals and all work. I also made the Snickerdoodle Oatmeal yummy! Holiday in a bowl!

Have you thought about writing a cookbook with all these recipes? Bet it would be a hit! Thanks for such a great blog!!! I just made your Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake. I used coconut butter but am thinking about using almond butter next.

Katie your recipes and photos on this website are killing me! You NEED to make that cookbook happen and get something back for all your work and time invested, because you certainly deserve it. Absulutely funtastic!! I love your personality.

You are a good advertisement for health products. Dear Katie, How about some dessert shot recipes? Love to see what you could do with them. Great blog! I have been on the lookout! Hi Katie, thanks so much for sharing all your recipes! I just started a diet but found that the suggested meals are based on a lot too much meat and definetly too less chocolate so your website came just in time!

I am so so happy to share the name with another choco-holic! Also, I adore your name… when I was little I told my mom I wanted to change mine to Katharina because it was more unique. I have a daughter with a milk whey allergy and I am so thankful for you and your wonderful recipes. You are so generous to share all this and I feel so lucky to have access to your brilliance!!! Please tell me you have a cookbook coming out so I will have the perfect Christmas gift for everyone I know who likes sweets and for my family members who also are always trying to find recipes for my sweet daughter and so I have one for my kitchen — I have so many printed sheets and so many more I want to print and try.

Thank you for truly making a difference to me and my fam. Aww Libby, your comment was SO sweet and I am so glad you found me! I produced books, both online and paperbacks. I would like to assist you in producing your cookbook, if you would like my help. Let me know. I have like 3 different icings of yours in the fridge right now!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!! Good work, and I look forward to future recipes. E-mail : [email protected]. Hey gal, I love your website and blog! I love it, and so do my bffs! Thanks Katie! Thank you!! Keep up the amazing work! Been looking at the recipes for hours.

Glad the website is back up and running and load times are down. Hope you have happy holidays! I was wondering if you could post ideas for gift giving. I love your blog, and chocolate!! I really like the jar idea, though. I think my chocolate-chip cookie mix would be really good for jars. I will definitely have to remember this for next year! Hi, Katie! I just discovered your site and I am SO pumped to start trying some more of your recipes!

My son and I just made the chocolate pumpkin cookies with my own little twist and I loved them! I am so happy to find others who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle but who definitely share a love of chocolate and desserts! I will be featuring more of your recipes on my blog! Happy Holidays! I typed sugar cookies and found your recipe! I had to comment, and as a perpetual stalker this is big. I had a rollercoaster of college and drug addiction before I found my way to solid ground.

Aww, I really hope you like the recipes and that the chocolate substitution works for you. And chocolate hugs too ;. I subscriped for followup comments on my last post and my phone is blowing up! Boy you are one very popular lady! How do I unsubscribe form that post? Katie, I just found your blog via Pinterest Someone posted a link to the chocolate chip cookie dough dip. I think you are my hero! Thank you for all the delicious, healthy recipes! Just trying to figure out where to get raw hazelnuts.

A hazelnut is another name for a filbert, and you can get them at any grocery store. Filberts are an easily-grown bush in most of the US. My husband who is vegan always wants me to bake for him. I think we just hit the jackpot! Here ya go! How on Earth did you get to be sooo smart?! This is an excellent resourse for me and I thank you sooo much!

A friend just gave me the link to your site and so far I love it. Anyway going to try your vegan pb cookies — they look yummy. These can be gluten-free! If necessary, you can omit completely. Preheat oven to F. Combine dry ingredients, then add in wet. Let the pan cool for at least ten minutes before cutting or frosting the squares.

Also, the flavors seem to intensify and these taste even sweeter the next day. Thank you Katie for making these recipes and posting them! I have a 1 yr old who is allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts.

It has been hard to find foods that he will eat. I am finding more sites like yours but I just wanted to thank you! He sees his brother eating one and he wants it so it will be nice to see what he does when he actually gets it!

Aww thank YOU for such a sweet comment, Amy! An idea for the week of Valentines Day…desserts for one or two! I have made your single serve muffin…oh 5 times in 2 weeks? Umm these are obviously only my rules! I have one also and absolutely love it. But I must agree that it is annoying that you have to hold down the button. Found this site off of Pinterest! Great recipes, so excited to make and enjoy them! Thank you for this website! I think your sight is great, the recipes are fantastic!

I know what an eating disorder looks like, you have the knobby fingers, the almost grossly sinewy arms is that why you never post full body images? I do love the website, your gorgeous and a great inspiration. Love the website- If you are in NYC and want a free week of yoga and mat-based pilates let me know-. Just finished making your cookie dough dip….

I really enjoy your website! Thanks for giving us all these great alternatives and keeping us healthy! I will never look at another website. We Love yours. I really appreciate all these healthy options for desserts and non desserts that are low calorie but still freakin delicious! Ive already made cookie dough dip, healthy chocolate chip cookies, deep dish cookie pie, brownie batter dip, and the brownie batter pancakes, which for some reason didnt turn out but was still tasty haha.

Just wanted to say hi, and also thank you for the countless times your vegan fudge has come to my rescue. I read a few of comments that people left and was shocked that anyone could or would leave a message like that!

Katie, just try to ignore them and pray for them. They evidently have a problem and that makes them feel better, by saying hurtful things about others. I just had to speak up and say something positive. Keep up your good work and thanks for all you do!! Katie, I love hearing your mom talk about all you are accomplishing. I am sending my vegetarian, cancer recovering, sister your website information.

Congratulations on your success! Cindy Wolfe. Thank you so so much, Ms. Wolfe :. I had no idea at the time just how helpful it would be! I found your website on Pinterest. I love it! I have tried several of your recipes, I especially love the baked oatmeals. I make several at a time and keep them in the fridge and just pop them in the microwave when I am ready to eat!

Love them!!!! Looking forward to many more of your recipes……. I recently became a diabetic and thought for sure that was the end of being able to enjoy food like everyone else. I look forward to your blog updates, best of luck!! Well, better late than never, right! Excited to get your emails! You are absolutely brilliant and your blog is amazing! Katie, I am very excited that i have found your website…. I have a 5 month old that is allergic to milk and eggs, and as long as i want to continue to breastfeed i need to cut those foods out of my diet.

This was a huge challege to me, for i lived on cheese and milk. I have to say, not only have i lost weight by eliminating these foods from my diet, but i feel better. I am enjoying your recipes, for i was truly getting tired of eating potatoes, rice and chicken all the time. I am not sure what inspired you to share all of your recipes and ideas, but you have made me excited about food again.

I absolutly love the single serving too!!!! Keep up the great work and some of these recipes will be making it into my husband diet too! My current quest is to find a cake recipe so i can make my little guy a birthday cake for his first birthday! I love your blog!!!! I wish I could make everything in one day! I really like how all your desserts are healthy and easy to make.

I also have tried to gain weight by trying to eat a lot of fattening sugary desserts. It just makes me feel awful and gross, so I love that I can eat these desserts and know that they are nutritional. I recently made the nutella, and it was amazing! I also love all your single lady cupcakes. Thank you so much for putting together this!

You know how hard that is? Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This blog is amazing! I will be visiting your blog a lot in the future! You are so rad! Katie, I love your recipes, and I love who you are. You are gorgeous, inside and out and you emanate such health and purity in your recipes! They have inspired me, and brought me happiness!

Keep up the good work in your life and on your blog. You are affecting people in a very positive way. Hiya Katie — I had seen some of your recipes on Pinterest before and today I headed over to this, your lovely blog. It is really hard to find tasty, sweet and healthy treats to fit in with this diet but yours seem just right, and if not dried fruit you suggest alternatives like nuts or chocolate which I can eat triple yay! A lot of other similar recipes I found have been loaded with sugar not good.

A HUGE thank you! Thank you so much, Katie, for the Vegan Whippped Cream recipe. The desserts sound so delicious — and like you, I am a chocoholic. I gave up sweets for Lent, but on April 8th — — — — watch out! Who needs regular food? I just wanted to let you know you might want to check out this link…. Maybe more processing next time. I was just trying to drop her a hint. Woah, I was just about to tell you the same thing and then I saw someone else noticed it too!

Do you have any ideas for a Tofu Subsitute? Honestly, I found your site by accident and am thrilled! You have brought more joy into our kitchen and for that we are both very thankful!

Like many others have said — I believe you are my new hero!! As an avid choco-holic it has been hard to diet and leave my favorite thing out of my life. Thank you so much for creating this blog — I look forward to making many of your recipes! And thank you for sharing more info about being vegan.

It is a fascinating lifestyle that I would love to learn more about. Please keep the tips and yummy desserts coming :! Question— what kind of vegan chocolate chips do you use? What would you recommend? Ghirardelli gold bag are really good! So glad I found this site! I decided to go vegan for 30 days and in the beginning would have thought no way could I do this forever. After educating myself some and seeing this site, there may be hope as I discover more and more delicious food out there — all natural!

Thanks for all the creative ideas! Keep it up! Oh my, Katie! You are my hero! You are a genius! K Method program….. Thank goodness you do! They will love you. Keep on creating! I just wanted to say that I am besides myself happy that I found your web site. Thank you for all your time and effort in putting these delicious recipes in writing to share with the world.

The only problem I am having is getting just the recipes to print. There is no print key available on your web site and I have to use a lot of expensive ink to print the complete recipe pages. Can you offer a solution. Please let me know via my e-mail note above. Cut and paste into a word document? Just found your blog! Can I call you my lifesaver?!?!

Am I missing something or does it really not exist anymore? I just found your blog and I love what you are doing! I just wish you would make a cookbook and sell it. Thank you so so much, Laura. Does it still exist? If yes, could you send me the link please. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes!

I have tried a few so far and have not been disappointed! Katie, I am so impressed with your blog and your creative talent to make these awesome desserts!

So fudgey and chewy. You are one talented gal! Your webpage is fantastic! After seeing multiple guilt-free dessert recipes of yours on pinterest I decided it was time to check out the webpage. I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am to have found this blog! I am not vegan, but have seen the light— vegan desserts really are better tasting and better for you!

Thank you, Katie, for helping me satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing healthy eating. Thank you so much for blogging such low calorie, low fat and for a fellow soy lover, lactous free recipes, with of course lots of chocolate!

You should post breakfasts, lunches and deserts. No wonder you keep so skinny, you can have all the chocolate you want and just use better and healthier ingredents. I found this site by random! I have a ton of leftover chocolate frosting and was serching for something to use it for! Could you help? The one-minute cake is the fastest :. I love your blog! I have a question about the deal dish cookie pie. I have made it and it was delicious! I want to make it for a party but I think it would be better in bar form.

Do you think the recipe will work in a regular pan? What size do you think? Oh girl, I wish you could spend just one day in the kitchen with me… it would make you feel so much better about your baking skills! My cinnamon rolls still a work in progress have gone through at least 8 trials.

But I still have a lot of failures! I lose the battle quite often. Can I just say how fantastic you are?? Not only is your blog full of yummy delicious and EASY recipes but you are also this sweet, humble and gracious girl who is an awesome role model for young women. I do a lot of work with groups that address health issues and body image for young women and I LOVE that you emphasize health and nutrition via a well rounded diet and active lifestyle not counting calories. I also think its fantastic that you politely engage with people who throw dangerous claims about you around so as to make perfectly clear the difference between healthy n fit and obsessed.

One request — Please please please can you do more tiramisu recipes! The problem with the recipe is that it uses Corn Syrup as a binder. What would you suggest as an alternative?

I do have a recipe! Hi just found out I need to eat gluten free and vegan due to health reasons and I have such a sweet tooth, chcolate cravings, i need sugar sugar sugar…Its so nice to see all these awsome vegan and gluten free recipes.

I have made many of them and they are sooooo good! Thanks again and keep them coming!! Agave is okay sometimes but sometimes it changes the flavor just a bit. My solution is Coconut Crystals. I stumbled on them at Whole Foods and did a little more digging and found their site. They also offer Coconut Flour and Coconut Oil and such. I think you can use coconut sugar interchangeably for regular white sugar in recipes.

What an amazing website. I am gluten intolerant and really struggle finding nice dessert ideas. I am currantly building my own website called itsawheatworld.

Laura- here is another website that has some dessert recipes that are gluten free. I have shared this site with many people! Thank you for all the work you put into it! Hi Katie- I just wanted to thank you for this amazing blog! I am new to cooking which I started doing when I decided to start eating more healthy , and every single recipe of yours that I have tried has been amazing!

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I do have a huge sweet tooth, so I definitely have to watch to make sure I am not eating too much junk-and this website solves those problems for me! I just took this cookie dough dip to a staff potluck and oh my goodness.

I must have written out the recipie a half a dozen times or refered them to your website. It is delish! I am new to your site and I love it! I adore coconut and chocolate and have been striving to make the best healthier desserts for a while. You gave me some great ideas. My husband loved the choc chip cookie boat meal added coconut flakes and the ice cream sandwhich. I kept the volume ice cream w added vegan choc chips for myself and made him the coconut whip cream for a topping.

Today I tried the oatmeal raisin larabars but w golden raisins. Came out great! I topped one half w mini choc chips and the other half w coconut shreds. Yum Thanks for all the inspiration. I tried the blondies bc I stumbled upon your site looking for socca recipes. They did not come out great but I ate it in the cookie dough form before baking and was in heaven! I realized that this is already one of your top reccomendations! Question- have you ever use soy lecithin or sunflower lechitin in your shakes or smoothies to thicken?

No, sorry… all the recipes are vegan, and I never actually liked seafood. Just something about the fishy taste :-?. Befor I was a vegan soooo long ago fish made me sick. I just thought of something I would looove for you to try and make healthier…Tiramisu!!!

I definitely need to work on the Tiramisu!! Ok, so I stumbled upon your website while trying to find pumpkin brownies Dr. Oz and so I saw you had a pinterest.

So I went to my sweets board and it looks like I already had 3 of yours pinned! SMALL world lol!! Especially all of the oatmeal recipes which i have basically tried all of! That is so hard to believe! You look sooo young! I was wondering if you could list out some baking staples that you keep on hand to whip up some goodies. Everything you make looks delicious and I want to try and stock up to satisfy my sweet tooth. Also, as a result I am a lot more motivated to STAY healthy and active and the recipes on your site are perfect for me.

Just found your website this weekend and I have to say I love it! I am really excited to try some of these desserts! I am definitely a health junky but I believe that treats in moderation is a good thing! I tried the cookie dough truffles and think they are really tasty. I am looking forward to trying out some more of your recipes within the coming weeks. Great job on the site, and what a cool idea! Hi Katie, You have the most amazing recipes. I have been reading an awesome book… Eat To Live and it promotes a vegan diet.

I am slowly working my way into it. However, I wanted to mention to you something Dr. Fuhrman reiterates in his book. If you follow his diet as he does it he says you will become thin… thinner than you may think is healthy and thinner than people who care about think is healthy.

Increase nuts and other fats if you are worried. His book is very informative and has opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you, and thank you for the yummy recipes and thank you for being willing to share with the whole world. Dear dear Katie! SO, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU so much for these wonderful recipes… of my favorites so far are the secret PB cookies I added some oatmeal, cinnamon, and chocolate chips and they were to DIE for , the chickpea blondies and snickerdoodles my favorite party trick now is to feed people chickpea dessert!

Tonight I made the good girl fudge, plain and gingerbread flavors, and I am happily munching away! Again…many many thanks you talented chef-i-nista, and keep it coming! Love the blog!! Just wanted to leave some LOVE and say keep up the great work, and your positive attitude and adventurous nature are just contagious.

Keep smiling and God bless you!!! Hey Katie Honey — still loving your work! Thanks again for a FAB blog making choc pie this weekend!!! I nominated you for an award! Sorry, when i said August 10, I meant April Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me. Katie- Your blog is amazing!!! I monitor what I eat with weight watchers, and my downfall is always desserts!

Late at night I would always make a chocolate chip cookie batter concoction however seeing your healthy dips, I no longer have to succumb to my unhealthy addiction! Your substitutions look amazing. I cannot wait to get the ingredients to try them! Hi Katie, You have a bunch of people drooling over your desserts on Clipix.

Not sure if you posted them yourself, but if you did, please post more!! Thanks, a new drooling reader. I love the recipes, creativity and perspective you give. Like most people, I struggle with weight. I love your blog because it reminds me that balance is whats most important. To me love, food and passion are all one and the same and you have done a beautiful job at expressing that here.

By far totally the best hing to come across now. Newly vegan, two months, loving the results of health, but the carnivores I know will not let it go. I love love love your blog! In fact most OTC Vegan foods are very high in saturated fats. Why you ask? Because fat is flavor, and most vegan food is very shy on flavor. Vegan food tend to substitute whole veggy based fats fro the less saturated animal fats, like butter.

Ray foodies, as opposed to vegans, who sub a bit of hig quality, organic, minimally processed animal protien are far healthier, with fewer holes in their nutrient profile. Here are my entries: like your facebook page,,,posted two of your dessert recipes on my facebook,,,already registered as an email recipient of your recipe emails. Again our family has experienced better feeling tummies with your wonderful recipes and has helped us convert over with the vegan diet…yeah!

I have been trying to friend you on facebook but it says you have too many friend request…. How about a brownie recipe that subs black beans for flour, sorta like you fabulous chocolate chip cookie pie. Can you come up with something? By the way, I made your chocolate chip cookie pie for a party. I was just thinking about it too! It really needs to be done. Hello from Canada! Will be trying out most maybe all! I have a friend who just became Vegan and has a severe nut allergy.

I want to send her your way but am having trouble finding nut-free recipes including coconut. Katie- I have been working hard to get fit and lose weight. I started 9 months ago and spent like 8 of those months depriving myself of sweets etc. I came across your blog about a month ago and I have to say, I make pretty much a different recipe from here every day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! Again, thank you!

Your blog is truly wonderful. I am loving this blog…my husband is on a strict no dairy, no sugar gluten free diet and I love treats more than I can tell you! I experiment with a lot of recipes not usually Desserts with making them into something he can eat.

You make my life so much easier because all the work is Already done for me. I just discovered your blog and am really excited about it since I love healthy desserts! Katie, since I found your recipes and assaulted my blender making the amazing coconut butter, things have gotten very tasty here in Christchurch New Zealand.

The nutella is already a hit with my friends and me of course and one of my Latvian friends who has decided to eat vegan has now been pointed in the direction of your blog.

Thank you for being a food genius. Regards Miriam. We might need to break up. Hi Katie, I have recently discovered your website and I am so excited! Thanks for sharing so much! Maybe I need to make some spicy Mexican Chocolate recipes ;. I often use Spark recipe calculator, but sometimes I do it by hand.

I analyze it myself. I made your chocolate chip cookie dough mini-muffins and my kids devoured them! I love that they are made out of chickpeas and rolled oats!! Thank you for this healthy and delicious recipe. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Rules for the Sunshine Award: Link the award to the person who gave it to you. Answer the questions that come with it. Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it. Love you and your site girly! I use it everyday, several times a day actually.

Thee best vegan site, dessert site and healthy food site, hands down! I found you recently through VegNews article with choc chip muffins.

My wife is not a sweet tooth, but I had to chain her to the stairs after making the above muffins. Words are only part of the thanks and gratitude we send you Katie.

Aw thanks, Andrew. I just stumbled on it while searching for some good chocolate vegan desserts! I have nominated your blog for not one, not two, not even three, but 4 awards!! I absolutely love you! Found your blog on Pinterest and I just cannot stop clicking! This is my kind of world you are talking about!

I just stumbled here today in search for some nature valley like recipe and I am so glad I hit this page link. My dear, your blog is an incredible encouragement for me. A friend sent my a link to your blog and I was hooked — Healthy, vegan, single-serving… AND with nutritional info provided? Aw thanks, Helena. And good luck on the road to recovery. Life is short, and EVERYone deserves to eat what their bodies truly crave, to nourish our souls and spirits.

No one could help me so I found a blog in the internet were other affected people told their stories and most of them said they were cured because of going vegan. I also omit sugar and wheat flour I do that for 4 month now and in the beginning it was very very hard because I have a really BIG sweet tooth I love everything that is sweet, but especially chocolate and I really love recipes from the US I just love your whole country :!

And I am so so happy! Thank you so much!! Hi Katie, I absolutely love your blog! I made pumpkin pie boatmeal for breakfast and it was delicious! Oatmeal is my favorite food! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award and hope you will accept my appreciation. If you choose not to go ahead with the award process, please feel free. How many Tbsp or cups is 30 grams of cashews.

I have starting printing recipes and making them and read everything you write and love it. Your recipes are so great and I love that you have healthier desserts. I have made great strides in having healthier foods for me and my family 65 lbs down and 25 to go!

It can sometimes be discouraging eating another salad while my boys decide to run through the drive thru.

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Chocolate Covered Katie is now the #1 source for healthy desserts Laura- here is another website that has some dessert recipes that are gluten free.