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Adult content content creators deserve a platform they can really on, and one which does not cause them constant anxiety," Dominic Ford, the founder of JustFor. Prior to joining the team, she covered tech and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and privacy for Bloomberg Law.

She is a recent graduate of Brown University, where she studied International Relations and Arabic and wrote her senior thesis about surveillance tools and technological development in the Middle East.

David Pierce pierce is Protocol's editor at large. He owns all the phones. Facebook more or less disappeared from the internet on Monday. It's not just that its website went down, it's that the company seemed for hours to have been deleted entirely. It was so bad that the domain facebook. Jack Dorsey publicly inquired about the price.

The outage was the result of a fairly straightforward mistake. There were some initial rumors and conspiracy theories coming a day after Frances Haugen outed herself as a whistleblower and a day before a Congressional hearing, how could there not be? It involves BGP, the tech that helps networks communicate, and Facebook did the rough equivalent of changing its number and unplugging the landline. The internet, of course, absolutely loved the whole thing.

The deleteFacebook hashtag worked, declared seemingly everybody. There were MySpace jokes galore. Twitter weighed in. So did God. Suddenly seeing an internet without Facebook was an eye-opening thing, both for the businesses that rely on the company to reach customers and share information, and for the people — particularly in the developing world — who rely on it to communicate with loved ones.

They usually buzz at all hours, so it's eerie to not hear updates from Indian entrepreneurs or local tree-growing organizations in Niger. By about 5 p. ET, Facebook started to recover. By the end of the work day on the West coast, things were back to normal. In the end, this was Facebook's second-worst outage ever. The top spot belongs to an outage in , when a very similar incident left Facebook's services offline for more than 14 hours.

Another, even longer outage hit the company in , but it was much smaller then. At the time, Facebook said only that "a server configuration change" was to blame. The lesson here? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Because everything at Facebook runs on a single system, from its platforms to its status pages to its in-office security systems, breaking one thing broke everything. Because when the servers need to be reset, you don't want to rely on the servers to let you in the building.

Expect Facebook to make changes, and others to make sure this doesn't happen to them next. Future-proof your organization by revolutionizing your talent acquisition and training strategies. The pandemic has forced many business leaders to realize that the skills their organization will need in the future will not be the ones they've needed in the past. The quick shift to working remotely exposed the gaps in the capabilities of many organizations and their people.

It's also led to employees demanding more autonomy and wanting to engage in more strategic work. At the same time, more companies are automating day-to-day tasks, which provides their staff with more time to innovate and focus on growing the company.

With that in mind, organizations are now looking for people who have a mix of soft, technical and digital skills, according to PwC's Talent Trends report. Going forward, those soft skills——critical thinking, clear communication, empathy and more——will become increasingly important.

That problem will likely only increase as the definition of work, and the needs of employees, evolve in a post-pandemic environment. There are three main ways businesses can manage skills shortages: hire new talent, reskill current staff or upskill employees. Here's the breakdown of each approach. For companies, it's easier to close skills gaps through upskilling because employees are learning how to deftly use digital tools and are developing a better understanding of the business, its changing processes and the jobs that will be needed for the future.

Companies often hire new talent to acquire the skills they need, rather than training their current staff. It may seem like the natural solution, but there are potential issues with this approach. These days there simply aren't enough people in the market with the skills most organizations need. Even if you can find talent with the experience you need for your business, those skills may not evolve as quickly as your company does.

At that pace, even new hires will require training more frequently and within a shorter period of time. It can also cost companies thousands of dollars to hire a new employee, in addition to the time spent trying to find the right person.

Beyond that, there's an additional productivity gap between onboarding and integrating those new employees into your organization. It is important to take into consideration that an employee who's worked for your organization for years has an in-depth understanding of both your culture and your customers. Their institutional knowledge makes them comfortable with your corporate structure, adept at using your company's tools, systems and the vocabulary that may be unique to your company.

Training can deliver huge benefits to the organizations that do it well. But while both are important, they mean different things. Reskilling involves teaching employees new skills so they can perform different jobs in the future. It often requires looking for people with "adjacent skills" that are close to the new capabilities your organization needs.

Reskilling provides a learning experience that enables a lateral move from one job to another. Upskilling goes further than reskilling by delivering continuous education that allows your people to advance their careers in more meaningful ways. It's more focused on helping staff think strategically, critically and holistically, across the entire organization, while teaching them how to use tools that can help automate day-to-day tasks.

These automation efforts can free up time for employees to try new roles and focus on strategic objectives. This allows your people to take an active role in driving innovation and transformation. You're also teaching employees how to learn, which makes your staff more resilient and much better prepared for an accelerated pace of change. When you consider whether you will need to upskill, reskill or hire, the answer may be "all of the above.

Over that time, human labor is expected to be increasingly complemented by new technology, rather than replaced by it. The number of jobs that require creativity, innovation and empathy will likely rise, as will the need for information technology skills. No organization can make itself entirely future-proof, but by improving your talent acquisition process and creating a culture of ongoing learning, you can prepare your employees—and your business—for the workplace of tomorrow.

To do this, you need a platform that can help you quickly identify skill gaps and find upskilling and reskilling opportunities. The right solution can help you fill those gaps faster and more cost-effectively than hiring ever could.

PwC has long believed in upskilling, which, for us, involves citizen-led innovation. We continue to upskill our entire global network by developing and sharing technologies to better support our clients. Our employees are increasing their digital acumen as work changes and applying their new skills right away.

To date, PwC staff have used their newfound skills to build over 6, automations , visualizations and bots. Our employees have downloaded these digital assets more than 5 million times and have automated more than 6. ProEdge is an option to consider since it addresses many of the challenges that CEOs are concerned about. It's an end-to-end workforce planning and upskilling platform designed for digital business transformation and citizen-led innovation.

It can accelerate the upskilling journey, close skill gaps from within and help organizations stay competitive by giving people the experience they need to innovate at scale.

This unique platform allows you to pinpoint critical skill gaps and effectively help close them with automatically generated personalized learning pathways.

Leading curated content, coursework and hands-on learning empower your workforce to make an immediate impact through citizen-led innovation. Access to digital tools enables solution-building that scales across teams and quickly translates to the automation of an employee's day-to-day tasks.

This is how ProEdge helps your people to perform at their highest level: giving them the power to help transform your entire organization. Fintech lenders and regulators don't agree on whether income share agreements are loans. But Wall Street sees a big opportunity nonetheless. Tomio Geron tomiogeron is a San Francisco-based reporter covering fintech. He was previously a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal, covering venture capital and startups.

Before that, he worked as a staff writer at Forbes, covering social media and venture capital, and also edited the Midas List of top tech investors. He has also worked at newspapers covering crime, courts, health and other topics. He can be reached at tgeron protocol. A debate over the benefits of income share agreements is erupting in state capitals and Washington, chiefly over whether the programs that pay tuition in exchange for a share of students' future salaries are just repackaged student loans.

But Wall Street, always eager for more revenue streams it can package and resell, isn't quibbling over the distinctions. The securitization of these fintech creations is raising some of the same questions mortgage-backed securities once did: Who's profiting, and how do their interests affect or even distort the products being offered? In the case of income share agreements, the product is an education, ranging from a traditional four-year degree to a coding bootcamp certificate.

Schools and fintechs powering the agreements pitch them as an innovative way for students to access education. But some advocates say that ISAs deceive students and can end up costing them much more than they would have paid with traditional loans.

The widespread securitization of income share agreements raises a different issue: Do educational institutions retain any interest in the kind of jobs their students end up getting? Part of the pitch of income share agreements is that they align schools' and students' interests. But to the extent that Wall Street parcels off the risk and reward to investors, that promise doesn't hold up.

States such as California, Illinois, Colorado and Washington have recently issued new guidelines for ISAs, including some rulings that ISAs are loans and must be regulated more tightly. Nonetheless, since the beginning [Better Future Forward] has developed and used disclosures built around the principles of federal disclosure laws," a company spokesperson said in a statement.

The wholesale finance back end of ISAs, a multilayered system that turns promises of future payments into marketable securities, is getting far less scrutiny. One of the big facilitators of this system is startup Edly, a 2-year-old New York company bringing sophisticated Wall Street-style loan securitization to a seemingly innocent corner of education.

Income share agreements have a number of similarities to mortgage-backed securities and their synthetic cousins, collateralized debt obligations. Those financial instruments were at the heart of the financial crisis. Like borrowers during the real estate boom who quickly signed balloon mortgages, ISA borrowers may not always understand what they're responsible for paying back and under what conditions.

And like mortgage-backed securities, the contracts are packaged and sold off to investors who may not scrutinize what's inside the securities. The connections are not just theoretical.

Ricciardi had previously helped Wall Street capitalize on subprime mortgages. He then became a master of bundling asset-backed securities into collateralized debt obligations, which were then sliced and diced into tranches for investors.

In , Ricciardi joined FlowPoint Capital Partners, which helped create a new asset class by buying income share agreements. Ricciardi's firm attempted to determine what a degree was really worth. Edly operates an online marketplace for investors to buy the ISA contracts.

Edly charges investors management fees including a percentage of cash flows, according to its website. One partner Edly has worked with is Lambda School. The split aligns incentives and ensures the school also wants students to succeed, Ricciardi said in the presentation.

That's really what makes the whole thing work in ISAs, in our opinion," Ricciardi said, according to a transcript. But the incentives of upfront payments and the creation of demand from ISA investors could have unintended consequences. One potential effect is to boost efforts by schools to bring in more students to meet that demand, regardless of how well the students perform.

At Holberton School, an institution that works with Edly, "almost everyone who bothered to finish the online application was admitted ," Harper's reported last year. That's where the mortgage boom that preceded the bust echoes most loudly: In the runup to the crisis, mortgage-backed securities fueled demand for more home borrowers, regardless of credit score.

Income share agreements are often marketed as a way for people to get jobs in the high-paying tech sector. But some former students have sued, claiming that they didn't get adequate training and still had to pay back big bills. In May, former students sued Lambda School alleging false job placement numbers and deceptive marketing.

For its part, Edly is telling investors the same thing. In a brochure reviewed by Protocol, it said it looks for students who will land jobs that have the best potential to pay back the loans. It uses data on graduation and placement rates, salaries and time for graduates to find a job in order to find the highest "return on student investment.

But it's not clear if that data takes into account the distorting effects of the incentives players like Edly are introducing. No less an authority than Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, told Congress that bad data from "a period of euphoria" distorted the models that Wall Street relied on.

It could be a costly education to learn that lesson twice. Height hopes to break into a crowded productivity space as the place you can both track and chat about work. She's a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she studied sociology and international studies. She served as editor in chief of The Michigan Daily, her school's independent newspaper. She's based in D. Height, like a lot of project management tools, wants to be the place where you can visualize all of your work.

The tool launched Wednesday, generating a decent buzz on Twitter and words of encouragement from users who'd adopted Height in its private beta-testing phase. Height's creation stems from a familiar workplace story: productivity tool overload. While working as an engineer at Stripe, a financial services software company, Villar found his team switched tools.

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